Customer Satisfaction – the key to business

Whenever we talk about customer satisfaction in an engineering sense, the first name that comes to our mind is Eureka Forbes. This is mainly because of the perception that this company has been able to create in its customers’ minds. Perception is mainly the result of self-experience or ‘hear-say’. The only way to have a good perception is good quality & service – not just once, but always. Consistently.

In the global market today, the customer is the “king” – he is demanding when compared to the previous years. The customer behavior has changed owing to the technological advancements and his exposure. The internet revolution has brought the global marketplace to one’s desk – every information is now available at the click of a button. The speed of information movement is phenomenal and rules the world. Today, the accessibility of suppliers to the global customers as well as the accessibility of the customers to the global suppliers, is accomplished without any pain. This is the reason that only accuracy and quality of the product/service can help one gain customer satisfaction and market share.

Every organization is successful because of its people & their attitude. People make the difference – it is their collective commitment and dedication that defines the progress of the  organization.  Individual departments within an organization form an ‘internal customer chain’ – this gives an opportunity to each individual to play a role towards customer satisfaction. Every link in this chain is important – hence, accomplishment of internal customer satisfaction is very critical. If  a conscious effort is made to ensure that every internal customer is satisfied, the success in gaining external customer satisfaction is at the doorstep. The only next job is then to consistently repeat this effort.


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  1. Ashish
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 13:36:45

    Good one!
    Regarding ‘internal customer chain’, one thought is, it is also important to make every internal customer feel that he is a cog in the wheel to make ‘external customer’ satisfied.

    Once you believe that one run you have made at the start of a cricket inning can make a difference at the end between winning & losing, better commitment can come naturally.


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