Deepa Malik

A lady on wheel chair in Limca Book of World Records for all the activities which need one’s feet on the ground…wow, amazing !

I got an opportunity to listen to Deepa Malik, a very unique personality who is a powerhouse of energy, enthusiasm, positivity and happiness. The 90-minute talk that she gave alogwith the audio-visuals, was indeed a treat to my soul. I have not yet met a person so positive in life, who decided to succeed and create her own destiny, inspite of all odds, only out of her sheer “will”. It certainly needs courage and courage and courage, to do so.

Deepa Malik (look up is an institution by herself – she is a person who works with the strength of mind and power of heart. She says that she is infected with the disease of happiness and ailment of positivity. After listening to her adversity and struggle since childhood, it occurs only to be a miracle when one listens to her accomplishments. The only thing which kept her going was “feeling insulted” about what was being told to her and perceived of her. She did not ignore the comments and had the might to take up tasks that she had the passion and liking of….only to attain ‘glory’. She says, the best way to prepare for life, is to begin to live. This is true for her every walk of life (although on wheel chair). Her only pursuit has been a constant endeavor of always making her soul happy.

We often crib on the situations we come across, and feel disgusted about the shortcomings of our life. But, what about Deepa, who hardly had anything in life, favouring her way – adversity and only adversity ! She always saw the half glass full, and continued her journey by paving her own path. Her conviction and determination has been tremendous. If only all of us, can take inspiration from Deepa, I feel we would stop worrying and start living.