Our own fate

Life is all about moments – in fact, how we live the moments. Our emotions are the precursors of all the moments, and hence they influence the result of every moment. The context matters all the time. This is the reason, it is very important that we realize the context and then react. It is very important for all of us to learn an art of not keeping expectations from each and every moment in a way that it would make us generate a bias in our mind towards a favourable result as per our wish. With an assumption of this kind, often the result of the moment gets influenced by our emotion and thereby gives a form of distress, although it sounds inappropriate. Alternatively, if we can practise an attitude where we can refrain ourselves from a habit of assumption before a moment, we could accomplish better results and realise satisfaction and happiness as a result of our innate efforts. After all, the main objective of all of us, is to seek happiness and bliss, out of every moment we live.

It is all in the mind…if we can somehow ensure that we align and maneuver our thoughts, enabling our thoughts to then maneuver our behavior, and hence, the results, why not do so ? Most of the times, complex problems have simple solutions. What we need to do, is only to be mindful about all these facts.

We can decide our own fate.


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