Toll Booth Attendant

I was at the steering of my car, in the queue at the Toll Tax, very clearly able to see the Toll booth a few metres ahead of my car. The queue was not moving fast and this prompted me to try to view the Toll Booth to see if the person sitting there, and collecting Toll was fast enough. What I noticed was, that he was very slow and cautious in doing his duties. I could clearly see him count cash multiple times before he returned the change to his customers. This was the main reason of the delay. A thought passed by my mind, as to what could be the reason that he was doing this activity multiple times – in my opinion it was more to do with the “fear of failure”. 

Now, this prompted me to look at the culture across the country and think over it to see if this was a bigger problem and something that could be addressed to the whole community. I started realizing that this was true – most of us in India, influenced by the nature of our upbringing, are timid and low on self-confidence. This reflects in our behaviour as we grow older. The country has predominantly been poor and hence had always seen the influence and superiority of other people (foreigners) and this has led to peril in his mind. The environment across the community has always evolved around this real fact and philosophy, owing to which there has been seldom a possibility of courage getting groomed, unless some action or person like Modi has demonstrated success amidst difficulty and diversity. 

Today, when I look at the place India commands in the global arena, and see the economy grow under the ambit of start-ups like Flipkart, Snapdeal and others, I feel confident of an imminent Change. There is an old adage : A man is known by a company he keeps. This can be true and would be the main reason that the younger generation who read about such success stories and witness similar ones around them, will develop a feeling of courage and confidence. This may lead to the “fear of failure” quotient disappearing from us, thereby helping us “believe self” and thereby refrain from such activities like “counting the currency multiple times” as did the Toll booth attendant.


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