Luxury … of thought

I was reading about ‘Luxury’ in a magazine during one of my return flights from Europe. One of the article in this magazine, very aptly defined ‘Luxury’ as the power of exclusivity. The best reference in a column was what Dan Ariely made by describing the distinction of luxury as ‘external & internal signaling’  which was very appealing to me. It made me ponder as to what does a luxury brand do to us when we wear it or connect ourselves to it – yes, it makes us feel different, probably elated & satisfied. Imagine the last time you bought a luxury product – be it a watch or a car, a branded shirt or a bag….and the feeling. I do remember the last time I wore a watch of a leading brand and how it transformed my thoughts in form of unleashing the inherent potential thereby giving me an impetus. Similarly, I have seen people transform in their stature and form of thoughts after starting to ride a new luxury branded car. All this nurtures into us a feeling of warmth, that in turn allows us to get a ‘feel-good’ factor thereby allowing us to think better & raise our self-confidence & so on. 

Now, what if we can apply the same logic of luxury to what we read &what we think – it could probably be true that thinking about some very luxurious elements & reading authors who are rare & unique like a luxury, may also influence us to think positive. If we read about authors who have a very elevated taste of writing, it may help us to get our thoughts molded in an enhanced manner that could then influence our life for good. Thoughts then weave into action, which in turn translates to habit and eventually our culture or heritage. It is very important to help our thoughts shape up thereby transmitting a vibration upstream into all these elements. We all know that actions speak louder than words. If we could work on the process of enhancing the quality of our actions by shaping up our thoughts by this luxury-approach, I am sure we would be able to communicate better and make the world a better place to live. After all, each one of us has a duty to perform so as to make our society improve & excel. 


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