Think Positive

The chores across the day often make you feel low, thereby spoiling your mood and bringing darkness to your life. Although you may want to think positive, the circumstances within your mind do not allow you to do so. This is where the downfall begins. What is needed is for you to kindle just one ray of light to drive away the darkness.
Think Positive. This is the buzzword, that I have been propagating after I read about Candor in Jack Welch’s book titled “Winning”. It talks about being positive in attitude and speech. It is tough but contagious. Hence, the need of pursuing it relentlessly till success.  We live in a society, work as teams and have unique roles vis-à-vis our peers. If we decide to spread Candor around us, the entire atmosphere would become vibrant and positive, thereby helping us to curb negativity within the system.   It is not easy, but is worth the effort.
Candor in addition to becoming a habit, should become a cultural behaviour within our society. If it becomes such a generally accepted behaviour encouraged by society, it would be followed without conscious efforts. Synergy would then evolve and success would be easy. Satisfaction and Happiness will follow.


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  1. Saravjit
    Jul 26, 2013 @ 03:04:10

    When we make it a habit to think positively we insulate ourselves from all the negativity that surrounds us. Positivity helps us to take rational, unbiased and enabling decisions that keep moving the wheels of progress.
    Another way to handle the chaos and negativity surrounding us is to use it to make things better – believe in yourself and the adage “there are no problems only opportunities”.
    When optimism becomes a part of our subconscious, we rise high above the chorus predicting doom. We are then even more determined to do our best and make a difference to the world.


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