An Evening at NID

It was about one and half years back when a thought cane to my mind that would be nice to give an exposure of an institute like NID to my children for them to get an understanding of the kind of courses available at such premium institutes. In my mind, this could help them to allow their mind to flow & identify their right taste. It took me some time to co-ordinate this visit with NID and match it up with my family and friends. Finally, 7 of us visited the R & D campus of NID, Bangalore yesterday. It was an amazing & rich experience for both the children and adults alike. 

Mr.Ghosal from NID was kind enough to facilitate the visit to NID yesterday evening. This is one of the finest experiences that we have had in the past. When you get a chance to take a tour of an institute alongwith a person, who has been the mastermind behind creating it, you get to appreciate it much better. The tour commenced with Mr.Ghosal giving all of us a background of the Design intent of each and every student, when he / she enters this institute. He also explained the rationale behind setting up such an institute. Moving on, he took us to show the profiles of various alumni students displayed in the lobby of the institute explaining to the children what it took for these students to reach this distinction. He was very critical in his explanation to let the children not have a feeling that may get them bogged down by all his inputs. We then went inside the Digital Hampi Lab  to get an experience of a rare combination of history and digital capability. It was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see how could a digitization and software create something today using the historical data. This was, in my mind,  a fantastic tool to revive the past….

Mr.Ghosal had planned our visit well in advance, by also getting us a chance to be able to interact with two of his new students who had joined NID just about six months back. Ankit & Lalit, both from Maharashtra, were kind enough to narrate us their individual stories of how they got into NID, giving us a brief about their background as well. It was certainly a very inspiring story for the children. Ankit showed a photo of the current state of his workshop and then showed us his vision of how it could be from a “designer’s eye” – transformation so vivid, that  it brought a “Vow” from each one of us. He shared his experience, elaborating how he used simple techniques to generate inexpensive creations using day-to-day articles utilizing his creative instinct. All his efforts and creations were adorable. Lalit, a Fine Art student, then took us through his set of achievements. A very simple person, Lalit has innumerable talent in him, as was evident from his intelligent work. He showed us some of his work, that he made himself with hours of dedicated efforts to bring out exquisite creativity and style. His work on Ganesh festival décor was wonderful. Knowing that he himself made it all alone after toiling for four days, each one of us was amazed.

Using the examples of his students, Mr.Ghosal candidly put across certain important facts in front of the children :

Dedication : He gave examples to elaborate the dedication required by each child when pursuing a career at NID.

Communication : His explanation of how communication skills can be enhanced by representing using sketches simple objects, was very unique and thought provoking.

Proportion : Each one of us has a visualizing skill, which we need to enhance, using proportion techniques. He nicely explained how simple  domestic exercises could help in improving the ability of proportion and learn from it.

Imagination : Mr.Ghosal gave to us, very good examples from his yester-years, as to how  his students came up with innovative ideas to form structures such as Cubes, Spectacle using a straight rod of steel, by using their imagination skills.

Overall, an evening at NID, was a great learning, in addition to getting an exposure to one of the finest institutions in India. I am sure this will kindle into our children a desire to excel in their academics and skills, thereby helping them nurture a desire to get into such an institution. 

– Manoj Kabre


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bryan McDonald
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 04:22:55

    nice post and very well written. I am pretty much pleased with your good work.


  2. Madhuri Jajoo
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 10:59:40

    I could envisage your visit to NID. I feel you all are lucky that you got a chance to visit such an institute. Tell Prachi to read it.


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