Long live the Japanese culture

Its been a while, since I have been traveling to Japan – always fascinated by the people of Japan. It is truly a country depicting discipline and consistency with longevity in every walk of life – be it the crossing of road on the zebra crossing or the queue in front of the subway train door, or near the elevator….it is always perfect and consistent. A small child holding hand of his father,  while crossing the road, takes the lessons of awaiting the green light signal and following the queue. I have always been wondering as to what goes in making this possible. It can definitely not been taught and verified time and again, but I could see, that this comes by far from the culture that has been imbibed into the people of Japan. Kudos to this culture !

I have always been fascinated by the discipline followed in Japan in every walk of life – it has been an inspiration and a learning. A thought preceeds every action, and this could be always the reason that the habit of discipline is sustained. The patience and perseverance that a Japanese exhibits seems to be his heritage. We all are aware of the history of Japan, as to how it revived from the Hiroshima-Nagasaki massacre ! The country had to begin its life from scratch…which is not easy. Inspite of the difficulties and trouble, Japan proved to the world that it could do it ! They did it. 

The simplicity of people in Japan and respect for each other is another main reason of their success. Their humility and dignity is beyond compare. The bow in lieu of greeting each other at entry and exit of an interaction or visit, is truly amazing. I have practiced it myself, and found that it is not an easy task to do so all the time. The stance of a person while greeting with a polite “Gozaimaas” is serene and pure. This transmits politeness and calmness in the entire conversation, I guess. There are rarely any hard talks amongst the Japanese, and this could also be a principal reason, why the crime rate in Japan is low. 

Japanese are loyal. Once a friend, always a friend. I have seen business relationships with Japanese last for decades, not just years. They go all out to help their counterparts, if in trouble, to sustain their relationship and its continuity. When I sit back and think about the roots of all such behaviour, I can relate it with their culture and habits. 

The principle they follow is ‘leave nothing to assumption – gain as much clarity as possible upfront’. Just for instance, I saw at the boarding gates at airport, they display the boarding sequence for passengers on the LCD monitor, which is so obvious but not being done at any other airport. Additionally, they display a placard for the same information. This helps avoiding the need of a repetitive announcement of the same (as is being done at all other airports) thereby maintaining silence. Moreover, it uses the fact that eyes are sharper than ears !
The people are quite hardworking, alert & pro-active. Needless to say, it is aptly called the Land of Rising Sun. 

Long live the Japanese culture !


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