Taiwan Tale

Ten unknown people meet in a foreign land and get along so well within a span of three days, as though they knew each other for ages – thanks to CII to enable this happen !
I am narrating the incidence of  Taipei – the Mumbai of Taiwan, where eight of us from various parts of India, got together alongwith two CII individuals, who helped us come together in a India Mission to Taiwan. The objective of this mission was to let Taiwan know of the opportunity in India, and understand more about the available opportunity for Indian industry in Taiwan. A very hospitable country, Taiwan greeted us all with abundant courtesy and brotherhood. It was truly an excellent and eye-opening experience by visiting the select Taiwanese industry, that gave us an opportunity to understand and appreciate the honesty and greatness of these countrymen. Having ruled by Japanese about 70 years back, and with a current influence of Republic of China, Taiwan has the “best of both the worlds” to make it a great influence on the developing and developed economies equally. With an abundant SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) sector having been nurtured in the midst of various eminent Universities, the industrial economy at Taiwan is a great strategic advantage for the country. In the semiconductor field,  there should be little surprise to the global citizens, should 70 % of their country’s  imports on this commodity not be from Taiwan influenced suppliers either based in Taiwan or China. Over the period of last two decades, the people of Taiwan have learned one thing very precisely, and this is “ramp-up of a design or product to millions within a span of 4 weeks”. This feature of theirs is liked by the producers of mobile devices be it a phone or a tablet, enabling  global consumers get their taste before they could forget it – flat 4 weeks ! Truly amazing, isn’t it ! Taiwan is the world’s largest supplier of contract computer chip manufacturing (foundry services) and is a leading LCD panel manufacturer, DRAM computer memory, networking equipment, and consumer electronics designer and manufacturer.
Getting into detail…is probably the mantra amongst the Taiwanese, which makes them perfectionists. They have aggression but with a pinch of (salt) patience, that makes them true winners. With a meagre population of 23 million people,  Taiwan is the 50th largest country in the world, with a GDP ranking of 21st in the world. It has a inflation rate of little over one percent and an unemployment of four percent, which are some of the strengths of this small country.