4 P’s of Successs

Patience, Persistence and Perseverance make an unbeatable combination for success, says Napolean Hill. I would like to add one more P, i.e. Passion to this trio, to make them 4 P’s of success. Passion is in fact, the soul that brings one’s dream to reality. It is a force within. It is often a common question in the minds of most of us, as to what is the secret to success. These 4 P’s have the Power to grant you success. Although, the interpretation of each of these P’s may have some common elements, all of them need to co-exist to enable success. 

Accomplishment of predetermined task is Success. In simpler terms, it is achievement of goal, or the opposite of failure. It is usual for us to catch attention of, or remember the term failure – this is a common phenomenon of all human beings. And, hence the term, opposite of failure, to define success. It always needs an extra effort to remember success or define success, whereas failure has an effortless mention – be it media or a talk or a discussion. And, this probably, is also the reason that the methodology to succeed needs to be taught, whereas there is no school to teach failure. Nevertheless, failure is the stepping stone to success. It is only by doing that you get to know what it means to “do”. Action is one of the principal elements of the path to success. 

Mother Teresa has been an epitome of Patience and Persistence. She, through her noble act, set an example for all of us what it means to service the society.  Sachin Tendulkar is one of the best example of Perseverance and Passion. He has the commitment to the game of Cricket and was indeed successful in it. Having a Role Model in life, who has been successful is one of the most popular ways of emulating “best practices” that enables success. A Role Model is someone you cherish in your walk of life, and look upon in moments of despair, thereby helping you regain confidence and zeal to revert to the path of success. (S)He offers motivation and the required push for you to ‘stretch’ yourself and go that extra mile. This is quite important, especially in today’s competitive world, where the average intelligent quotient (IQ) is far superior than the yester years and the need of the hour is for an enhanced quality of Action. Therefore, the amount and quality of effort that could bring Success to your doorstep a couple of decades back, could not do so today.  This demands an additional effort and superior wisdom in comparison to the past. The best example is the pre-requisite for a Box Office hit of a Bollywood film – be it the investment in making of the film or the content of it. 

A holistic approach to all the 4 P’s will help us accomplish success..and then, the next step is to practice, since Practice makes a Man Perfect !