Convert Stress to Rest

Each day begins for all of us with travel, traffic and tension. Added to this is the fourth “T” of Time. The scheduled tasks at hand every day take away the time and we continue to run against it, thereby developing a syndrome of “I do not have time…”. It is very amusing to realize that the day has been of 24 hours since ages, however, we have started feeling that it is shrinking day by day, owing to a series of additional activities that we have added to our daily routine, and the way we execute them.

As a result of this realization of shortage of time, we start taming a dangerous animal called “Stress”, which is never loyal to us. It only causes harm and trouble to us…hence, it is very important to convert this “Stress” to “Rest”. How do we this …?

Every action has equal and opposite reaction. Similarly, every action of running against time, has an equal and opposite reaction of “Stress”. It is very important for us to manage this stress very creatively and pragmatically.

Plan : Plan your work and work out your plan. If we all continue to plan our day’s work, in advance, considering all the available attributes known to us, and getting to accumulate advance information of all the variables, we could definitely execute this action of “Planning”. It only needs a discipline and punctuality.

Pause : Practise Pause at regular intervals in your speech as well as actions, so that there is some de-stressing phenomenon as a habit. This could be used while delivering presentations, solving problems, speaking over phone, or conducting group discussions/ meetings. This enables the listeners to get aligned to you and also allow you to have moments of relaxation within the framework of your activity.

Pray : All of us are God fearing people, and often follow a routine of daily worship. If we could incorporate an element of “pray” in the midst of our daily routine, at regular intervals, this can act as a good departure from monotony, thereby relieving us of the incoming stress and also reminding us of the Almighty God, bringing a smile on our face and in our heart.

Preach : A very simple method of learn any subject better is to teach it. When we teach any subject to others, we take additional care to prepare it well, and gain complete knowledge of it. Further, preaching (or teaching) can be done only when we follow it ourselves – hence, it puts a positive pressure on us to execute what we preach before we do so.

The 4P’s listed above could very well help us to convert Stress to Rest. Even in the alphabetical order, “R” comes before “S”, which denotes that we should allow Rest to precede Stress. In fact, if we follow the above referred 4P’s, we could allow Rest to prevent Stress from becoming our pet animal.