Joy of Giving

This has been a realization for me lately, although I have known the fact for over a decade now. Probably, unknowingly I have also been practising it since childhood, but the significance of “Giving” was only understood in clear sense when I saw our Chairman (Company) giving donations for the Mid-Day Meal programme for the government school in Rajanakunte and the Baptist Hospital. This was followed by the information about Bill and Melinda Gates + Warren Buffer philanthropy initiatives and so on…

One of the days, I pondered over this very act of “Giving” and tried to portray it in my mind to realize that the gamut of things that it circumvents is far beyond philanthropy …it encompasses various acts that we do and can follow in our day-to-day life, and derive joy out of it. I have experienced it myself and would like to highlight that the feeling of Joy that such acts offer is beyond imagination. One needs to actually perform this acts to experience the Joy. Some of them, that I feel, could be done daily by us, are :

Joy of giving a smile
Joy of giving a helping hand
Joy of giving a solution to a problem
Joy of giving a hug to your dear ones
Joy of giving time to your dear ones
Joy of giving space to your colleagues to speak & perform

Joy of (for)giving…

Let’s try to make ourselves happier by utilizing the act of “Giving”….

– Manoj Kabre