20 second trick

My daughter was always having a habit of enquiring with her mom, for a thing that she would have difficulty in locating, at a location told to her to search. I used to be always a silent spectator in such instances, observing carefully, and looking for a simple methodology which will enable my daughter to be able to finish the search herself, instead of asking for her mom’s help. A little thought gave me a wonderful idea, which I thought of experimenting with her…20 second trick !

The next time I realized my daughter enquiring with her mom for help, I asked her to search for an additional 20 seconds….Bingo…this worked ! She was not quite amused the first time, since she thought this was just a coincidence, however, the moment I made her try this technique a few more times, she was convinced. Eureka ! I felt as though I found a solution to one of her biggest problems.

Today’s environment is surrounded with doses of “Speed” – this could be one of the reason that Patience seldom finds place in our activity. Starting from network speed to the vehicle speed, every thing is now measured in mb and nano seconds. Technology has fuelled this concept of speed, and each one of us wants to finish the tasks assigned to us at the fastest possible speed. So, there is no time to think and act, thereby persuading ourselves to forgo “Patience”. In lieu of this, I would certainly not blame the children of Today, if they do not exhibit Patience. The reason, I feel, they do not do so, is that there is no room for it, given the current environment. So, the only way to help them practise Patience, is to bring some innovative ideas like the 20 second trick !

Try it…