Candle of Courage

There is an old adage “Tough Times never last, Tough People do”. But, then, how many of us really realize this and act over it. It is easier said than done. It certainly needs courage to use this candle of courage when you stumble in the darkness of difficulty. This is mainly owing to the fear of failure. Each one of us intends to taste success and happiness, and we would like to get this taste in the shortest possible lead time of any action. Amidst the plethora of ignorance that surrounds us, we aim for accuracy of our estimates in respect of the judgement or decisions that we make.

It is only the ones that showcase courage in moments of despair, come out winning. Such moments are basically our testing times. They could be compared to examinations that we appear for, wherein our gut feel would enable us to perform. And then, once we are able to accumulate the strength and wisdom to assemble the courage to face such tough times, we get a feel of the accomplishment after completing such a journey. Over a period of time, this becomes a habit.

When we work in a group or a team, we get observed by others. Especially for the people who have a leadership role, it becomes important to showcase courage in difficult times, since this also helps to enhance the self-confidence of fellow-men, thereby enabling them to feel the power of it. This in turn motivates them to practise it, thereby making them succeed.

In the darkness of difficulty, let us all light the candle of courage that shows the way !

– Manoj Kabre