Life in Mumbai

Motion is everywhere, & so is speed. You will hardly find anybody wasting time without purpose in the city of Mumbai, which is called the commerce capital of India. With a population of over 12 million people (Mumbaikars), Mumbai is a city of hope for all those who have come & made it their home. It is a place which has given life to the ones who had lost all their hope, & has been instrumental in converting rags to riches.

The first evidence is from the rikshaw drivers, most of whom have migrated from northern part of the country & embraced the Mumbai roads for their livelihood. There is so much of energy in the city that even a lazy man gets to work by self propulsion. Amazing !

Have a look at the Chowpatty beach or the chowpatty & you can see the Mumbai population giving it a chill. Go to a audition at one of the stadiums or studios & you see the children showcasing their talent, to be able to get to the top. Competition is strong & the race is unending. Be it the Bollywood tinseltown or the Bombay Stock Exchange. The day starts at 4 in the dawn & ends at 2 in midnight – as though Mumbai never sleeps. The entire economy of this wonder city is bred by the people working here, who have been able to lure the global & domestic investers alike. There is almost every kind of business & trade that happens in Mumbai.

With its excellent location, Mumbai offers a very good connectivity to all important global destinations by rail, road & sea. This has made it a popular & preferred trading hub. And then, the professionalism & reliability of the work style & services is so unique, that you will hardly find it elsewhere.

Go Mumbai go !

– Manoj Kabre