The Light

Every morning, with the emerging dawn, we all have the light winning the darkness of night. This is the first thing that is responsible to fill in cheer, bliss & vigour into the lives of all of us. It is the very sight of this “light” that gives us energy, thereby enabling us to push ourselves for a busy day.

There have been enough songs written in the Bollywood film industry as well as other languages, that have described the dawn & the light. These give us a very could realization of its power !

Each ray of light, at dawn, is powerful enough to suppress the agony of the darkness, if any. Each ray of light has enough energy to put into us, so as to make us resourceful to accomplish our tasks during the day ahead.

Every morning, when the ray of light from Sun touches the ground, let each one of us take this energy & use it for a good cause. Let this energy help us to progress each day & get closer to our pre-defined goals by becoming more wiser & stronger. Let each dawn teach us the way to live. Although every morning is followed by a night, let the Light remind us that after every night, there comes a morning.

Good Day !

– Manoj Kabre