We can also learn from our experiences

Of late, I have been spending some time with my kids, before they go to bed. Typically, I ask them a simple question daily ‘ What did you learn new today ? ‘. This helps them to think on the entire set of activities they did during the course of the day. Also, it makes them choose the best one in a flash of a minute, amongst all. Many a times, the learning is a very simple one, but often it is of a kind that will make me think & learn, as well. I also ask them to narrate the incident (s) which they can relate to this learning. Yesterday, my 10 year old son made a statement which really made me think – he said, ‘Pappa, we can also learn in our life from incidents’. Vow, what a powerful statement! I could very clearly see that he did not realise the power of this statement, since he made it very casually. I got a quick realisation of the saying, ‘Child is the father of man’….. It is true indeed. I then asked him to narrate the incident which he could relate to this learning. He narrated the incident about his discussion with his sister, about why great men like Abraham Lincoln & Albert Einstein gained wide recognition for their great work, although they did not have any great education. I was fascinated by his thought. I think each one of us do learn at least one new thing everyday. What we often miss out, is to revisit & think through it before we retire for the day. I realized that the system which I was following with my children was something which most of us can do on a regular basis, with all the members in our house. We can also narrate to them the learning that we had so that this exercise becomes a collaborative learning exercise, consuming very little time.

Life is a jigsaw puzzle

Some of its pieces missing

Lets all make an effort

To help life give us a teaching

– Manoj Kabre