Happiness…what is Happiness ? A feeling, a destiny or just a moment … ? It all depends on what we perceive it to be. It could be a feeling which could last just for a moment or something which could last forever. Each one of us passes through our own routine in our daily life, rolling moments under diverse state of mind. There are circumstances that pep us for a moment while there are hours of despair as well. It is our own conscience and our sustainability that decides what can come first & what could last longer. In other words, it’s our attitude towards LIFE.

God has made all of us equal ad bestowed us with the gift of LIFE. He has given us complete freedom to rejoice – then why bring moments of sorrow & be deprived of happiness ? It is we who have to decide what state of mind we have to be in. It is we who have to choose whether to be happy or not. The surroundings could behave the way they want, but we can respond to them, as per our wish. An incident in and around us could bring displeasure, but if we console ourselves with another thought of joy, we could be happy. It is our heart which makes this happen and it is our mind which directs it. Tons & tons of sorrow could be wiped out with little drops of happiness. After all, what can keep us fresh & healthy, is a healthy mind and a happy soul !

Be happy…always.