KB – an inspiration

I just came out of the Airport, looking for a Meru taxi, to get home. One of the taxi co-ordinators showed me the way to a KSTDC taxi, but for some reason I insisted on Meru. This is a clear derivative of how an experience in mind reflects your future actions. The moment I got into the Meru taxi, I was greeted “Namaste” by the driver. I found the latest edition of “The Week” in the seat pocket, & this served my company for the next one hour. Incidentally, the cover page story was about Kishore Biyani, whom I have been following since a few years, & have a good appreciation for his courage & vision. I had sufficient time to go through the entire article which talked about his vision of reaching a turnover of Rs.30000 crores from the current Rs.10000 crore-level. It looks amazing that a person can do so much in his own generation, starting the empire from scratch ! Children generally take up what is seen by them the most – I am not surprised at reading that Ashni, KB’s daughter, has started pursuing her career in Future group. I am sure she would make her father proud, given the opportunity that he has made available to her. She probably will give wings to this “tiger” to fly. It feels good as an Indian, when you read about an Indian doing so much in the country, talking about “Indianness” as one of his motto. It is inspiring in true sense. Most of us fail to notice such nuances of Indianness & the opportunity our motherland has in store for us. Glimpses of articles like these, & the Tata Nano, revitalize the spirit of bringing about a change in India – taking it from a developing country to a developed country.


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