C.K.Prahlad.. a legacy

I happened to watch the chat on the popular CNBC TV18 show “Lessons in Excellence”, where CK Prahlad (CKP) was the guest. Incidentally, the topic he was talking was “Co-creation” which has been one my interesting topics, something which I follow, when I work with my customers. CKP has very aptly put this concept of “Co-creation” substantiating it with an apt example of “Apple” who has been very successful with its products I-phone as I-pod, throwing open to its customers a whole new world of excitement, that in turn means business for the company. CKP mentions this concept to be having risk reduction as well as time reduction accumen. In his thought, he has addressed the subject of Innovation as a tool for consistent evolution, which is quite true in context of the present day business environment. In domestic context (India), IPL is a good example of it. And, so is the DTH. Both these businesses have come from nowhere to everywhere.  It is technology which should drive the innovation bandwagon – this makes the business sustainable & profitable. The market place itself is evolving over the years – the consumer (customer) has become more knowledgable and familiar, which in turn has given him wider exposure. There have been multiple benchmarks for him to compare every product / service that comes into the market through this innovation channel.

CKP has been an inspiring management guru, who has been able to give a very good direction to the global business community.  A sincere tribute to this world authority on management thinking.


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